Jon Robinson: Julio Jones trade was a move we needed to make


The Titans had one of the best offenses in the league last season and looked set for another good season despite losing a few significant pieces from the unit this offseason, but that didn’t stop General Manager Jon Robinson from making a big trade last weekend.

Wide receiver Julio Jones is now a member of the Titans after Tennessee sent a 2022 second-round pick and swapped 2023 picks with the Falcons. They also agreed to take on Jones’ entire $15.3 million salary, which led to some maneuvering with quarterback Ryan Tannehill‘s contract in order to make it work under the cap.

During an appearance on NFL Network Wednesday, Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said that the upside of Jones’ addition outweighed any other considerations for the team.

“My charge is to get as many good players on the team as possible and I’m excited about the guys we had back on the roster, the guys that we added in the offseason, but when you’re able to acquire a player like Julio and can add him into the mix of our football team, what we try to do offensively, those don’t come around very often. We thought it was a move that we needed to make for us. I know our fans are super stoked to have him here,” Robinson said.

The trade for Jones raised the expectations for Tennessee’s offense this season, but questions still remain about a defense that didn’t fare as well as the offense last year. They’re unlikely to add a Jones-type player on that side of the ball, which may make it all the more important that the offense at least matches last season’s output.