2-foot exotic snake found in drain at England workshop


Animal rescuers in Britain said they are trying to find the owner of an exotic snake found in a drain at a garage workshop.

The RSPCA said workers at the garage in Kingston Upon Thames, England, spotted the 2-foot milk snake in a drain and they managed to contain the reptile and contact the animal rescue organization.

“This poor snake was found in a drain, but thankfully the staff at the garage spotted him and confined him in a box. I think he’s likely to be an escaped pet as he was a decent weight so has clearly had someone looking after him quite recently,” Animal Rescue Officer Jade Guthrie said.

Milk snakes are native to North and South America, but they are commonly kept as pets elsewhere.

“Snakes are excellent escape artists so I suspect this milk snake had escaped from a vivarium somewhere, so we are very keen to try and reunite the reptile with the owner,” Guthrie said.